Current Progress:

Step by Step (a novel and the 2nd book in the SFC Trilogy)

Finished chapters: 12

Left to go: 16

Basically, the book is a little more than halfway done because some chapters are half-written, and the majority of it is already edited.

When it should be done & published: 2015/2016 (tentatively: Jan/Feb 2016)

Plans for SBS:  Publish e-book version on and make it available in print on

What's it about, though?

Elaine, a small-town girl who enjoys writing poetry, has always enjoyed her simplistic life. That is, until everything quite literally falls apart. With the economy deteriorating, her family must make difficult choices, and she and her brother Corey must attend public school for the first time in the enigmatic city known as Esoteria. There, she meets Mariah, who is immediately a ray of sunshine to her in this sad world of uncertainty. As Elaine encounters more troubles, Mariah helps her through the Friendship Club and fun activities such as making a poetry blog, going with the others to the mall, and taking a papercrafting class! But even all these fun activities can't shift Elaine's stricken mind from the trauma of seeing her once vibrant grandmother lying in a nursing home, unable to recognize her family's faces.

A story about working through those hard times and looking with positivity toward the future--no matter what may happen. And to take those difficult things (and even the good things!) "step by step."

[2012 era; 2014>>2015 revival]


I'll Be Waiting for You There Come Tomorrow

(a novel that stands on its own)

Progress: Just starting to write...

Plot progress?: Mainly proofed

This will be a shorter novel that isn't made of chapters but instead of short sections.

Plans: Probably to publish in print and maybe as an e-book

Genre: I suppose literary, fantasy, maybe a bit of philosophy... you know, the usual (with a bit of sci-fi principles thrown in)

What's it about, though?

Annistelle and her four siblings from another dimension come visit this world so as to find trinkets to bring back home to fill their blank world with ideals and life. They find themselves first in a specific land of countryside and laid-back lifestyle which the four don't understand but which Annistelle connects to immediately, feeling a kind of kinship with the land. Feeling misunderstood and abandoned, Annistelle runs off and finds friendship instead with a local, a painter, who teaches her about life in this beautiful, strange new world.

A story about belonging and discovering the world and ourselves while also treasuring and immortalizing those things we see as special. (This novel is about a ton of junk XD That's typical of me, though)

[2014 era]


The Elusive Francois-Marcel

I love FM (ha). He's just such a fascinating individual. Naturally, though, this book is a side-story to my on-going series ZCN/TIES, where I chronicle the fictitious and realistic events of my life over the course of 11 or so books. You don't need to read the others in the series to get this one, though. It's a stand-alone because it focuses only on FM and his life journey of where he is now, as an "other" (a fragment of one's personality that has sentience) from the life he believes he once had as a child in Paris. But which is the true story? Or are they all true?

I narrate the chapters but the rest of the book contains short stories about FM's old life narrated by him along with poems and other stories about FM's life.

His narration style and dialog style are to die for. Needless to say this kid stars in two other large novels. And he's one of my most cherished characters.

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