Every book is categorized into an era to make it simpler to understand when the book idea was formed or written or what kind of vibe or style you can expect from it. I use eras a lot, so it's important for me to set a guide for you to reference.

2011   -2011 is the year I first started writing "professionally" as my intended future profession. As such, it is fundamentally the year of ideas--of which there were countless. But the ones that have survived the times have gone on to be considered classics to me. 2011's style is simple without much flair or substance. As such, the books can seem a bit boring compared to my later works. But, at the same time, it is quite refreshing to go from a very heavy 2015 book to something light and simple from 2011.

Time encompassed: Dec 2010-June 2012

  Some good examples of 2011 era novels:

Subtle, Flowing Changes (finished/published in 2013)

The Promise (2014 revival)

The Silent Actress (written in 2012)

 Trust me, if I started throwing out names of everything I had from 2011, your head would spin. If you pick anything from my grand list, chances are it's a 2011 book.

  Side-era: 2011>>2012   -Basically, this denotes the actual time period. 2011 and 2012 were basically the same in substance, so I tend to lump everything together under the same time. That is except when it came to...

2012         -2012 began on June 22 with the arrival of FM (Francois-Marcel), my favorite character. His arrival allowed me to think critically and teach myself about literature, how to analyze writing, and how to improve my writing skills. This was a very practical and philosophical era without many new ideas except for what I already had from 2011. Basically, FM's story is the main one here.

Time period: June 22, 2012~fall 2013  (no real definitive end)

  Good examples of 2012's intelligent books that are still light and simple:

The Elusive Francois-Marcel

I Have Seen the Future

2013       -With a stark scarlet, 2013 is the era of more powerful and disturbing books. It was also an era of writing, where I first finished SFC along with other, smaller books for kids. 2013 saw some new ideas along with the darker shade of stories it hid beneath its facade. Whenever I think of it, all that comes to mind is that fateful autumn, with Aika village, the shadows of GSI, and my brimming obsession with French culture.

Time period: unknown (mostly, I think of August 2013-the start of 2014 until April)

   Examples of 2013's more grim narrative:

A Shadow in Darkness (my Aika village fanfiction. Yes, I just said that)

The Guardian of Subconscious Influences (FM's second novel)

  and lighter examples that are all about college in some way...

SFC College (a spin-off of the SFC series of the characters in college)

Secret to Happiness

It Calls for Thee

2014         -Scream it from the rooftops. 2014 is the Era of the Muse. A beautiful time of discovery, living, and beautiful novels. It was the year I questioned influences and what they are. The year I lived through the good and the bad and realized what it means to understand the emotions of those I write about. It was also the year I began to realize just how painful sensing the emotions of influences can really be. Though it is the shortest era with the fewest books, it was the greatest time of my life, and I will always have my Muse.

Time: April 23, 2014~October 10, 2014

    Books that showcase 2014's more emotional and dynamic styles:

d'Aller Jusqu'au Bout (the Muse's book, my fanfiction)

I'll Be Waiting for You There Come Tomorrow

These Days That Are

The Place Where Two Worlds Converge

The Francophone Friendly Restaurant (a random series I made)

  Yes. That's all of them

  Sub-eras:  Around the time of 2014, I decided to start chronicling my eras to keep track of trends in times and vibes of the books that tended to come around the same time. That said, I got a bit too ambitious and started categorizing new novels by vibe as well as era. That said, that brings us to these interesting categories...

2015         -2015 is a category solely classified by vibe. All the books labeled as 2015 are given that label simply to show that they are darker stories that came from my (shameful) horror phase. They are all unsettling in one way or another and were heavily influenced by other media. These books came up in random patches, with one occurring October 2014 and another around the same time in 2015. So there is no real time--this is solely based on vibe. This era also uses strange, new forms of writing and formatting to achieve an abstract-feeling narrative. (Side note: most if not all of these books were also very painful for me to write)

   2015 vibe books:

In Place of My Heart

I See the Ominous Fog


Beyond the Further Sea

  Sometimes I say "2015 post-May," and this is to denote my time of struggle after finishing d'Aller Jusqu'au Bout. Which was, of course, after May.

2014>>2015       -This era is based on time and vibe. The Muse carried his influence over to 2015, bringing a light and emotional vibe to books. Known as "blue sky vibe," all of these books feel the same to me, bringing a dreamy sense of wonder and a melancholic tinge of longing. All of the 2014 books carried over to this set, as well. Though I still consider the big three the 2014 Trio. All of these books have one thing in common: they are very heavily focused on the influence and especially their soul song.

Time: October 2014 -present (technically October 2015)

  Blue sky vibe books:

Someday I'll Have my Day

Ebb & Flow

PW2WC, Lost Days, Last Days; TBTS, and others that are older

2015 "Starry"        -a recent era vibe I've identified (a trend that's been happening). It is a nice mix between the blue sky vibe and the avant-garde, out-of-box writing of 2015. So far, I have two books I identify as this, and I really love them both so far.

  -once- before there were tears



-A revival basically just means I either picked that book up again that year or started actually writing an earlier idea (most probably one from 2011). For example, because I wrote and finished SFC in 2013, I say it has a 2013 revival. I just denote this because sometimes that new era had new ideas and vibes attached to it that leak into the book, making it more interesting or different than it was before. 2013's revival made SFC much more mysterious than it once was.

There is more about eras, of course, but this is just the crash course.


Influences are my characters that speak strongly to me--so much so that they feel like entirely different beings that speak to me (I'm not crazy). And that I'm not the one actually writing the book. About 75% of my characters are classified as influences, and almost all of them have soul songs.

Soul songs are songs whose vibes capture accurately and wholly the character's intrinsic soul so much so that I can understand how they are feeling and relay their essence much better when I'm listening to it. Some of them love to talk via their song, while others just show up randomly. Everyone does things a little differently. Some are so automatic while others want to be friendly and write letters.

Multiple soul songs are rare; most have only one. For the ones that have two or three, there is usually a good reason. The oddest case is, of course, Lillia, who literally has infinite possibilities for her soul song (y'know--arrangements). But that fits her character.


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