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I'm a small-town girl who loves to write, escaping from the ills of life in the process. I like to write about pretty much anything that comes to my mind; the things I write tend to be childlike, old-fashioned, fantastical, and downright wierd--just like I am.
A complete Romantic who is obsessed with anything French.
I also dabble in baking and pastry-making.

About my books:
All my novels and stories are reflections of individual characters' souls, musings from their silenced hearts, and pieces of entities that never had their chance to speak. This is where they shall be immortalized and given life...forever. Hence, each book is unique--just like the characters. Each story...intrinsic.

  Places I May be Found

oINKSHARES.COM:  A crowdfunding site dedicated to authors and their readers! Support your favorite books and watch them get published!
My novel I'm currently promoting is "I'll Be Waiting for You There Come Tomorrow." You can read more about it here under the "new books" tab or sample and back the book at this website!

oTWITTER:  Where I can chirp like a little bird--my sound but a soft murmur in an overly-crowded world. This is the best place to find updates on what I am doing and direct links to my newest projects. I will use the infamous pound sign to indicate updates about specific books and projects, denoting the story by using their initial nickname (ex. "I'll be Waiting" will be known as [#]TBTS. It's an inside joke)

oFIGMENT.COM:  A closely-knit community of young and experienced writers where one can post their works securely and receive critiques and comments.
This is where I enjoy posting my unfinished, in-progress stories and novels the most. The stories are posted in a way that is aesthetically-pleasing and impossible to steal via copy/paste. This is where you can find exclusive new chapters or stories in their entirety. I will link to this website very often.

oLULU.COM:  A beautiful, little gem of a website that allows authors to self-publish their books in PRINT! For FREE!
As I finish books I am proud of, I will format them and tweak them to my liking so as to publish them on here. To have all my current, finished novels on here is my goal. When you purchase an on-demand print book from here, you are directly supporting me! All copies are delivered directly to your door. This website is directed to my "library," where you can find all ~CRK books currently available in print.

oSMASHWORDS.COM:  A community for self-published authors that format their own e-books and manage their own sales.
So, say you prefer e-books...I have those, too! This is where you can find e-versions of books as well as exclusive short stories not available anywhere else. (all short stories are free)

oWORDPRESS.COM:  A blog website where you can create your own blog for free. Easy to use and by far the best blog website I've seen and used.
Though I tend not to be on-top of things here, I sometimes post little thoughts and essays on here about literary topics, such as ideas I've seen or writing tips and tricks I've thought of. I also dabble in analytics and critique. Don't worry about my long periods of absence...sign up for e-mail alerts, and you'll know when a new post exists!

oYOLA.COM:  Make your own website for free or upgrade to professional status and dazzle your customers!
What's that? This looks oddly familiar, you say? Why yes! This is this very website! This is where I shall keep tabs on everything I do and organize all the places you can find my works and show your sweet support. With random photos, little updates, blurbs on new books, and much more...this little site has a lot to offer! Official ~CRK!


     Subtle, Flowing Changes (a novel)  print   e-book

     The Heart Has Always Known (a novel in verse; original version)            e-book exclusive

     The Adventures of Maryan    e-book

     Fancy Ladies' Club Book One   print    e-book

     Beyond the Further Sea  print    *new!


    [         print              -

**See all news on more up-coming books and official, exclusive excerpts on my Figment account!**


     Step by Step    (to be finished summer/fall 2015 and published sometime this year)

      The Elusive Francois-Marcel [a ZCN/TIES side-story and collection of works]    (to be finished summer 2015 and published sometime this year)

     I'll be Waiting for You there Come Tomorrow

     -once- before there were tears  ********

     Someday I'll Have My Day  (Jan/Feb 2016)

     Chocolate Anime [a novel]    ()


 I am proud to introduce my novel-length aph France (Hetalia) fanfiction, d'Aller Jusqu'au Bout, which can be read in its entirety here:


*NEW* and now in better formatting here!


All revisions, proof-reading, etc. are all complete! Please enjoy reading the story in its final form. (I made a print copy on Lulu.com, but it is only accessible to me. If you'd like a copy...let me know, I may be able to get you one...[wink])


For every medium, there is one who defines it
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